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Having done DSEI recently, which was an eye-opener in terms of the breadth of Military Hardware available across the globe, it was now time to switch our attention to a more passive stance and exhibit at the International Security Expo, being held in Olympia, London. Just like DSEI, the Expo, it's people and the interest in SkyWire did not disappoint.

I suppose the first worthy thing of note, was how much smaller this particular Expo was compared with the behemoth that is DSEI. Notwithstanding, the floor space was packed with micro to primes, all exhibiting their latest innovations. Whilst it's not drone related, the best exhibit I saw was a real-life, call of duty Esque simulator, where some chap stood on a floorplate wearing VR, with his digital self projected onto a screen, which represented a typical London street. Gun in hand, he turned, swiveled and...well, this particular chap wasn't very good and failed the scenario. But we got the idea.

In terms of our presence on the floor, we were lucky enough to give 4 talks on the concept of tethered drones and their application within the Security environment, Ultimately, what proved the most popular elements of our system were the obvious staying power that SkyWire gives you and the ability to transfer secure data back down the tether, negating any means of hacking. Within a world where data security is finding itself on the frontlines, offering a hardware solution of this nature is now essential, effectively removing the digital threat completely. I can genuinely report that all Toby's talks were well received and always a rush at the stand post-talk.

I would like to convey my thanks to all of the (potential, old and new) clients we met during a very busy two days in London Town, particularly those from overseas. Listening to your unique sets of requirements and discussing how we can help remedy Security issues around the world was fascinating and exciting in equal measure. As a final note, we were able to speak to a limited extent about an exciting new anti-drone development with certain clients. With a product launch (literally and metaphorically) scheduled in the New Year, I look forward to telling you all more then.

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