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Operation Thundercat

A Coyote Armoured vehicle

It's not often you get to openly play round with armoured vehicles, let alone when the Army and more specifically, The Light Dragoons, invite you to do so. I'd wager it's an even rarer thing that youre invited to take off from the roof of a Coyote vehicle at a prestigious and exclusive concept demonstrator and fly your Drone via your Mil Spec tether inside a hanger for MoD VIPs. All in all, quite the experience.

The Light Cavalry Regiment’s Light Dragoons were our host, as we demonstrated the virtues of our SkyWire tethering system as part of their wider initiative, codenamed Op Thundercat. It was a genuine pleasure to attend and meet a whole host of like minded and innovative companies (from Prime to Micro) who have cutting edge technologies for a plethora of applications, all of which are geared to facilitate the Lt Cavs Operational role in theatre.

Our SkyWire tethering system is not only vehicle agnostic, it’s also drone agnostic. Meaning it can be powered by any vehicle and attached to any drone. The Phantom you see in the photographs here is just for demonstration purposes and despite being steam powered in terms of drone technology, still holds up pretty well. In fact, we don't even require a vehicle to power SkyWire, it can be achieved via a mains source or even a car battery, as shown here. We've designed our system to be as flexible, agile and adaptable as we possibly can, whilst making it incredibly easy to use and extremely robust. All in all, it's ready for extensive field testing in the New Year here in the UK and abroad.

Such technology is still relatively new and novel to many sectors, not just within the MoD and operating procedures still require development, which is something we’ll be working on closely with the Army over the coming months. Notwithstanding, the technology is here, in working order and as demonstrated in a cold, windy hangar (without any GPS I may add) works as advertised. We're incredibly proud to be adding this technology to the capability arc of the Lt Cav and recognise that this is a force multiplier in every sense, facilitating intelligence gathering, surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities.

Finally, given the poigniancy of today’s date and the theme of this post, all of us here at Drone Evolution would like to convey our gratitude to all those currently Serving and those who have Served. Lest we forget.

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