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What a couple of months it’s been!! We’ve been incredibly busy facilitating our current contracts, taking on new clients and launching our new SKYWIRE hardware, which was extremely well received at the world’s leading defence expo (DSEI 2019) where we proudly represented Welsh business on the Welsh Government stand. That’s a lot to take in, so let’s break it down…

Current Operations

All in all, over the last two months alone, we’ve completed over 200 individual missions. That means 200+ flight plans, 200+ active Drone flights and 200+ reports successfully provided to multiple clients. Personally, I’ve driven over 8000 miles and flown in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland during the last 8 weeks, often in extremely challenging conditions with complex flight profiles. However, I’m happy to report that we have achieved this as a team (support staff, as well as other pilots) with a 100% safety record, with no accidents or safety related incidents to report. This is some feat, particularly as many flights have taken place in congested areas and within Restricted Zones around several airports, who for the record, have all been extremely helpful and amenable when it comes to formally booking airspace and gaining the necessary permissions. As we head into October, we expect the pace of work to continue, but as a team of pilots and support staff, I’m confident we’ll continue to produce for all our clients.


We’re were extremely excited to officially launch SKYWIRE at the Defence and Security Equipment International Expo at the London EXCEL arena in September. It's the very first universal tether system that can tether any rotary drone and also the first that can run from a 12volt or 24volt power supply making it the first truly mobile tethering system. The response from the visitors and attendees at DSEI was nothing short of sensational. We had several international delegations specifically seek us out to discuss this technology and officially register their interest. Moreover, we were happy to see and speak with members of the British Army (The Light Dragoons no less) about using SKYWIRE as part of an internal Army upgrade program taking place very soon.

Along with the internal interest, we made several high profile publications, including the international and world renowned Jane’s, who showed us some love in an article and on Social Media. All in all, we’re very excited by this product and believe that it’s going to be an integral piece of equipment for Drone users the world over, irrespective of their application of that technology. Who wouldn’t want their drone in the air for 6 hours?

That’s it for now, speak to you all soon.


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