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We've had SkyWire for a little while now and the company directors are all experienced with using and flying the system. However, being a regional UAV Pilot and as such, a remote worker for the best part, I'd never really had the chance to fly it for myself. Until now.

On the face of it, nothing changes. The drone goes up, it stays in position and it descends on command too. All pretty simple and very familiar stuff. However, what strikes you immediately when you take off and you're attached to SkyWire is that this piece of technology was developed for a unique purpose.

It's not for the drone racers, or dare I say it, even the hobbyist. It's not for those users who require the typical and unparalleled freedom of movement flying a drone offers you. That is to say, it's not everyone's cup of tea.

SkyWire is a force-multiplier when it comes to one particular asset. Flight time.

For those users completing NDT work within the utility/energy industries, or the requirement to keep your eyes fixed to a certain area or target, uninterrupted, for hours at a time, SkyWire is a game-changer. Through its use, inspections get completed within a single flight profile, training sessions are streamed and recorded in their entirety whilst aerial reconiscance becomes a persistent skillset.

Physically flying a Phantom whilst attached to SkyWire was easy enough, but there are additional considerations, whilst conversely, you can discount other more traditional risks associated with drone flight. Being aware of the actual tether is the most obvious difference I can put forward, but even that becomes second nature after a very short time. Moreover, knowing the distance limitations of the tether itself, thus not overextending your reach, is another factor to consider during its use. However, it was actually really comforting knowing that there is zero chance of a 'fly-away' incident, the drone simply isn't going anywhere I don't want it to. Finally, having no battery time limitations was an extremely liberating experience. Ironically, being attached gives you more freedom. Who'd have thought it?

We're now conducting demonstrations of SkyWire for potential clients. So if you feel that the persistent flight time of a drone could add value to your operations, we'll happily show you what it can do.

Thanks for reading.


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